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Location: Smithfield 
DOB: Thursday, 23rd May, 1974
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Joined:  30th October, 2011
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11th December 2011

I'm now painfree and have been for over a week.
My mental health has bounced back too.
So this time around i'm going to do it differently.
No more suppression, awaiting it's return.
I've learned during this bout, that it's not just me. There's everyone here and that everyone here keeps soldiering on. I'm determined to not let this rule my life anymore.
I know that's easy for me to say now that it's over, but with a clear head in one hand and a clear mind in the other, I am ready to relish in my new found freedom.
It's inevitable, it will come back. But i'm not facing it alone anymore.
I have my doctor and my neuro and most importantly I have everyone here. All of this makes for some sophisticated armoury.
So when the battle next begins I say, "bring it!"

30th October 2011

I'm 37.
I get headaches.
I've been getting headaches since I was 15.
They make me miserable.
New environments and climates trigger my headaches so I avoid travel and socialising.
My friends told me that i've become quite withdrawn.... so now I tend to just keep to myself.
I hate doctors. I find them to be quite useless! (the ones i've dealt with anyway)
I'm hoping to draw some inspiriation from all of the brave, mentally strong individuals who appear on this website.
I want to learn from them how I can manage my headaches, to allow myself a happier life...

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