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Location: Kaleen 
DOB: Tuesday, 12th December, 1967
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Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  14th February, 2012
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In 2012 I was lucky enough to take a redundancy from the Public Service which has made coping with chronic CH much easier. Currently living in Canberra. We also have a property at the NSW Sth Coast where we hope to retire (eventually). I'm also a fully qualified remedial massage therapist. Hobbies include spinning, weaving & knitting, painting, drawing - well, pretty much anything creative - until the headaches got too bad for me to do anything much! Up until the last few years I was also an avid reader and just finished a B Creative Writing. Not much reading or craft over the last 6 months though.

Since an MRI in 2011 I started a 'headache diary' - not well though as I've not wanted to focus on the pain, rather the painfree periods (one entry in Nov had '24 hrs PF YAY!')

Once a neuro agreed to see me I thought I'd better make the effort to keep proper records - so over the past few months I've discovered that I average 100 headaches a month, with a couple of painfree days thrown in.

That was a pretty depressing discovery - but at least I'm armed with info for the neuro (intensity, frequency, how often I would have called an ambulance if I could have got off the floor and spoken coherently, how often I've had to leave my car somewhere and get hubby to pick me up ... etc etc).

Profile update - Finally got a diagnosis (Chronic CH and migraines) and a treatment program to trial (including verapamil, maxalt & O2).

In 2013 I tried a 7 day course of steroid and got 10 blissful pain free days in a row - amazing and joyful. I'm about to have my second course this year (Oct 2013). I hope it works just as well!

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