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I am 47 and have had cluster headaches since my early teens (about 25 years). I get them at 12:30 pm approx. Experience: intense piercing pain in one eye only (usually left eye), cannot lie down or it is worse, anxiety and irritableness, can wake me out of sleep (if that happens I cannot sleep it off), won't respond/respond quickly to analgesics, can't think or really talk much with them, salt increases the symptoms as it affects nerves, I get them for a period then they stop and come back months later, I only heard about them 12 years ago, when I was about 17 I used to call them guerilla headaches because if you looked for it it would hide in the jungle then when you went back to what you were doing it would go bang and shoot you, accompanied by drooping eyelids and pupil constriction and pain in the left occipital area that is just outside the left ear, I have always treated them with multiple analgesics but they are getting less responsive so I started using RELPAX but I think I need to see a specialist as I never have, I am incredibly good at not remembering these headaches because I become sort of not there when they happen to counteract the pain so my treatment program has been slack and uninformed.

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