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Farmer Pete
Location: Gippsland 
DOB: Friday, 24th April, 1964
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Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  4th April, 2012
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Professional Project Manager working on contract to clients. Was in the RAAF for 21 years and have been suffering cluster headaches since I went through puberty (15 - 16 yo). My episodes generally last for about 6months at a time and then have about 18months break. During the cluster, I have had up to 20 in 30 days but tend to average 1 every 36 to 48 hours.

Treatments: Have tried a number of preventative medications, none of which tended to work. Currently us Dihydergot injections - 1mg Intramuscular at onset of each headache - as an abortive measure. Appears to work reasonably well but does upset the stomach to a small degree (much less worse that the nausea I feel with the CH)

Overall, consider myself a bucket load luckier than many of the other people on here.

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