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Location: wuhan 
DOB: Wednesday, 19th March, 1986
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my name is Mike, from Malawi Africa, studying in China.i have had this headache since i was 12.,i have suufered alot socially,academically and spiriyually since i started having this kind of headache..Until 2006,while i was in UK,my doctor told me i have cluster headache..he priscribed for me sumatriptan tablets which when i take them immediatelly the serie starts it is effective,,,
Came to china last year,and the cluster just started two weeks ago, and they are disturbing my studies..
I have been on here on the net just to hope that may be one day some one will find cure for this horrible pain,,,,
As i was browsing,i came across this website,its very interesting to learn that,there are also people with the same problem as mine as i thought may be its only me,,,
Im wondering what could i benefit from this website..
Thank you for your time of reading this..

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