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I am 65yrs old. I have suffered for many years from these headaches G.P. and neurologist think they are clusterheads. I have them constantly. I receive a fornightly injection of pethidine which either does nothing or takes the edge off or just makes me know that I have had an injection.[feel a bit woosy and sick.]. I tried botox in November last year and it has exaserbated the headaches. Last week after a morphine injection...which didnt work I lay in the dark and cried. 9 hours later felt just as bad but laid down with a cold pack over my eyes and neck/ occipital area neck/occipital area. After an hour I emerged to find my headache completely gone. My mind alert and I realised I did not have any kind of headache. There was NO photphobia either .The next day the heaches were back.

I realised that my life was one low grade headache with acute exaccerbations of right sided severe pain in eye temple and frontal area of my head. I also had leftsided headaches now which have been bearable up til now but leftsided full blown now and they also switch from side to side.

This happens daily and my house keeping has gone to pot, for although I have to move when I have these headaches house work isnt one of them. I can distract myself for a while....feel I am in control.... when I do that but in the end collapse in a heap and just rock and cry in bed.

I have recently found hotpacks at my feet and icepackes around my head and neck a help but having recently found complete remission [if only for a few hours] gave me hope I havent tried Oxygen and will be seeing my neurologist on the 19th june and will ask him about getting some. I have tried medication which has done nothing or sumatriptan [or something ] which bombed me out and did nothing for the headaches. Pills dont seem to work and injections of opoids sometimes take the sedge of. I cant go holidays. would love to be free of these headaches . The few hours when I didnt have them [explained above] made me feel whole and appreciated of life. Imagine feeling that way every day. I will not give up hope. I dont know why they are worse the older I get. I dont drink or smoke.

Please my God cure me or enlighten someone who knows how to end this conditions. I understand why people want to head bang, pace up and down ect. We all have our own ways of dealing with the pain and is something we need privacy for. Family members, can help by leaving us alone or as with me changing my icepack when appropiate.

Well, that was longwinded. Bless you all

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