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i have suffered with clusters for 15 yrs they last for three mths every yr and change seasons winter/ autumn/summer i average 3 to 4 per day when peaking .i have found that pain killers actually give me more of these evil things and that sleeping more makes them a lot worse .whilst having an attack i have found out that pacing and walking up and down my back yard and keeping my posture upright makes my left eye weep a lot more than usual which seems to subside clusters faster than they do if i was sitting or laying down . i know it is very hard to do anything whilst having an attack but this seems to work for me;i also cry in pain with severe ones which seems to relieve pressure in my head. blowing my nose during attack is also good .i have just seen a nueroligist who doesnt seem to know to much about them i shouldve traded seats with him i told him more info than he knew not bad at 190 for consultation ha ha .i look forward to discussions with other sufferers not many people know what we go through . cheers wayne

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