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Location: Gold Coast 
DOB: Tuesday, 16th October, 1990
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im 21, and recently started suffering from what has been diagnosed as cluster headaches. at first i thoguht it was a touth ache radiation through my jaw and into my temple, ear and eye. but my dentist gave me the all clear. i suffered for about 3 weeks daily then its stopped for 2 weeks. now its back three times a day like clockwork, i get agonising pain behind my right eye radiating through my jaw and into my ear, usualy last about 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours. usually i am bedridden and restless. i am a shift worker and work varrying unusual hours and my co-workers (mostly on night shifts) have witnessed me to the point of rythmicly banign my head against the wall in agony.

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