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Location: Petersham 
DOB: Saturday, 22nd March, 1969
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Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  26th December, 2012
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Since I have had one (or more) since my last update I am now classed as chronic.Have developed an awful involuntary leg twitching and kicking condition when drifting off to sleep. And that occasional odd smell that won't go away is an olfactory hallucination. All the tests tell my doctor and my neurologist I am fit and well. Medications have failed so far, on to a new one, and some new tests !

UPDATE ***AUGUST 2014***
Traveling a bit better at the moment.
Currently using:
O2 - from the friendly , helpful people at BOC gas . They send you a form for your doctor to sign, and then deliver. Is costing me about $35 a month.
DMSO - Daily doses orally of 10ml during my cycle which has kept them at bay. Horrible to drink, but what the heck. Available online for about $40 for 275ml (70% strength is recommended).
UPDATE ***JULY 2013***

Have been suffering the last 6 years, hospitalised 5 times this year

Treatment tried:
Masssage - no effect
Accupuncture - no effect
Beta Blockers - reduced heart rate to dangerous levels
Stop Drinking - no effect
Imigran - effective 20mg nasal sparay, however at 80 mg no longer works
Anti-inflammatory - no effect after 2 months as reccommended by neurologists. Have discontinued use
Deseryl - effective however becoming harder to get in Australia. Considering ordering from overseas

Contemplating : Botox , Magic Mushrooms . Botox was recommended as possible treatment . Treatment cost of $1000 a bit steep

Diagnosed Bipolar after last episode which resulted in being hospitalised 3 times
Currently taking Citalipram and Lithium - not sure if making any difference to CH , however have not been hospialised this episode

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