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I am a 53 year old male. My first episode of cluster headaches was in my early 20's. Although not as severe for the first few times in the early years, over the past 30 years the episodes have ranged from very severe to mild lasting a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Timing has changed - initially it was Sept/Oct annually and then I may have a couple of years free of episodes. The current bout began in late January 2013 which was unusual. It took a number of years for me to receive the correct medical diagnosis. Prior to this tried anything to get relief - acupuncture, diets etc etc. etc When first diagnosed correctly by a specialist I started on prednisolone which was a brilliant. Over the next few years this was the preferred treatment. Although a few years ago the prednisolone did not seem to be as effective and at times not sure if it was the tablets or just the episode subsiding when they did finish. It has been three years since the last episode and I thought they may have eventually finished but come this January they were back - first quite mild but the last couple have been fierce. Over the years timing has varied- early morning, middle of the night (they are the worst as they totally disrupt lifestyle, getting up for work etc !). Current episode is about 8 to 9 pm at night although there have been a couple during mid afternoon This is with starting a course of prednisolone after the first couple of attacks as well as verapamil. This time is the first I have also used imigran nasal spray. I'm still not sure as to the effectiveness of the spray as it may be shortening the episode but appears to take a while to work. I may not be using it earlier enough in the attack. The usual triggers are in place - so avoiding alcohol and minimising smoking (yes I know - I'm working on the last one !). So that's the story so far - hopefully it will be a short cluster this time.

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