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My CH's started within six months of Heart surgery to replace my aortic heart valve.
I am a mild sufferer,very seldom going over a pain level of 5.
Mostly my level is around 3 to 4.
My headaches start every night between 1.30 AM and 2.30 AM.
This never varies.
I get an attack once every three months which lasts for about six weeks.
I must be one of the "lucky" ones with such a low level.
My GP sent me to a consulting physician as soon as they started about 7 years ago and the consulting physician diagnosed Cluster Headaches straight away.
I have seen him every time I have an attack and he tries me on a new drug every time.
They all work for a few weeks,then the CH's get used to the new drug and it stops working and I have to then find another drug.
Being retired and single for 15 years,no one else knows about my disease except my two doctors.

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