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Location: Aldinga Beach SA 
DOB: Tuesday, 11th June, 1968
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hi all,
Born in the uk to Irish parents and migrated to this fantastic country march 2009 with my beautiful wife and 2 great kids. Gas engineer by trade but have dabbled in various aspects of general building and maintenance. Got a passion for shooting (targets, clays, ipsc etc) and fixing things.

My first attack hit mid march 2013, continued for over a week early am each day and, as I have been blessed with good health up to now I just put it down to the hot spell and my continuous lack of keeping myself hydrated. About the 8th or 9th day in I had the wake up call of my life, thought I was gonna die ! Doctor, ambulance or decapitation ? I didn't care. As it was the first time in 18 years with my wife that I had ever requested medical attention of any sort she took it pretty seriously and thankfully my local doctor could see me immediately. (she could get me the 1km down to him quicker than an ambo could get to me) All the usual checks available to him then instruction to get to flinders asap to rule out anything "nasty".

He had a parting question for me - " when you experience the height of the attack do your eyes water ?" I answered "only the one on my right side where the pain is." This one Q & A led him to a hunch that I may have experienced Cluster Headaches. He had known of only 3 other cases during nearly 40 yrs of practice.

Filled with the notion of impending tumours or onset aneurysm I was ready to endure whatever it took not to die. MRI came up blank (no tumours - great) but I still wanted to take a melon scoop to my right eye ! next came the lumbar puncture, not so pleasent but again something I was happy to endure for answers. That also, thankfully came up clear. For the record the staff at flinders were great.
My file was assessed by a registrar named only Baz (looked about20 !!) who calmly said that he had good news and bad.

"gimme the bad news doc"
"we pretty sure you have a condition know as Cluster headaches"
I didn't ask what the good news was - I'm still alive ;-)

the journey begins.

A huge thanks to the people that have made my 1st steps easier with a world of info and advice, and possible more important of all . . . understanding.

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