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Location: Brisbane 
DOB: Sunday, 10th March, 1968
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I've had clusters for about 12 years that occur about every 13-15 months & last about 8-12 weeks per cluster. I keep a headache diary to try to find any patterns and more importantly to give me an idea of when the cluster might be comming to an end. In my diary I rank the frequency & severity of each attack. The only pattern I have come up with is that the clusters come on every 13-15 months & one time when I went to Europe I skipped the whole cluster. I've tried a range of medications from pills to chiropractors, physiotherapists & oxygen but nothing works. The one bit of tiny relief I get is from ice packs which I cram into my eye socket & the back of my neck but I know it's really just causing another type of pain to distract me from the headache for a bit. It's horrible using ice at 2am in the middle of winter.

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