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Location: Gold Coast 
DOB: Monday, 4th August, 1958
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Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  9th March, 2014
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I have suffered CH for 13 years now and was relieved 2 years ago to finally find out what the evil thing that I suffered approximately 3 months every year actually is.
In my research about CH, I found oxygen therapy was highly recommended.
Yes, it works, from the first time I used it, I did not have a CH bout for 2 years, now is the first time since then and I am on the oxygen therapy again.
It is relief in 5-10 minutes, albeit, I may have to do this every hour and a half but the dreadful pain just evaporates and I no longer need to wake my partner in the middle of the night because I think I might hurt myself.
i have been told that oxygen therapy doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a shot, it definitely works for me.

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