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Location: Parramatta 
DOB: Tuesday, 2nd August, 1977
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Status: Currently suffering :(
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Hi my name is Russell and I've suffered with this perticulare type of a head ache as a child which after a number of punches to the head area as a child this particular head ache developed into a 4cm brain tumer witch I had removed almost 10 years ago now following my procedure I seem to have the same type of headache on the opposite side of the head caused buy my older brother snorting through his nose as loud as he possible can right in front of me just like when I was a kid I don't know who to talk to about this and I am suffering all over again with this cluster headache on the right side of my head as I understand that this type of headache is very sierras and can become a hole lot worse I really need to consult somebody who knows what I am feeling.age of onset would be 32

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