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Location: Ballarat 
DOB: Sunday, 24th May, 1959
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I have been working in Construction now for a number of years and in 1996 i got a chance to learn Massage and was taught by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who was formally with the Chinese Olympic team, massage was something i was interested in since a child.
After a number of years massaging i noticed people who suffered migraines all had one thing in common, the pain was always in the same place, later on i came across people who had Cluster headaches, i have manage to treat quite a few people with this condition and had very good results,
I would like to come at this from a different angle and say that i believe migraines and cluster headaches could be the result of trapped nerves in the scalp,
Some of these conditions could have been caused by a truma to the head at some time.
I would be more than happy to give a few people from this site a demonstration of what i can do, a simple head massage using my own method, feel free to contact me for a chat,
Thanks. Regards Mark.

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