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DOB: Saturday, 10th December, 1960
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Hi im Ali ive had these since i was 39 after being poisoned at work with an unknown substance. I was a Youth Worker, working with high risk young women 12-18yrs old. I have clusters lasting 6-8 wks a little respite n they start again. To me its a battle 4 life. I have no genealogical or dna reasons 4 them. As this is a workcover matter delays 4 treament r commonplace. Despite current medication-Sibelium-trial drug, so toxic can use only 5 nites a wk!! Saw a neurologist who determined i bave a "pain condition" n im being sent 2 yet another Dr 4 pain management n otha therapies??? When i get an appt...more delays. I dont have a life at all or family n friends who have any idea wat i go thru. Anyone wiv similar pls contact.

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