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DOB: Wednesday, 8th September, 1948
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Hi Guys: I've had CH since age 16...doctors didn't have a clue then any more than they do today;
I have two bouts a year lasting about 2 months each then tapers off to reawaken 3-4 months again...usually early sept and march./april.
Just read current post and was looking for updates on D3, I have a couple of points to make...One...I will never use mushrooms lsd and heavy duty drugs.,,regardless
of fed/state regulations...The AMA has done nothing to CURE illness on planet earth..those bastards want to lock in a saleable drug not cure anything. CH'ers that "researched
the actual structure of the CAUSE of CH by using what little science there truly is out there give it their experience through "reverse logic/combined with available science"...and then
we all expect some real research lab to conduct a double blind contest" we expect this same groupe to tell us to take more vitamin "xyz" all bs hoping ...they work off
millions and trillions of dollars...CH is not in their sites...We CH'ers may very well hit the pain in the heart...our logic is drawn from our pain...and so will our final cure...and answers to it all.
The AMA/Big Pharms...will never "give us" any answers...
As long as we ch'ers keep our witts and whatever science we can use and keep answers grounded towards nature's processes and how our food chain is totally screwed up with chems and denes etc...
I 'll put my money on lsd....just plain common since and a med amount of real sxience as to how our body truly is seriously inter connected. I truly believe that as a child I did not have yhese dame headaches....what was I exposed to
that by age 16-17 I started having...and it has not stopped since...using a regiment of vitamins or cleaning our systems of currently "the sate of our art" logic...and a lot it samn well works to reduce our issues
SO, Yes,,,,we are on to something...thanks to those that share their successes,,,I feel it's all about to come together for us all...and the damn beast will die once and for all///

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