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DOB: Thursday, 13th September, 1956
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58 yo self employed, sufferer for 2 years, thought I was having a stroke with 8 events on the !st day, diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia at Dandenong hospital emergency department (no testing carried out). My own doctor recognised the condition on questioning all of the accompanying symptoms which start with definite swelling of the blood vessel running across my lhs temple, severe pain to the left temple and eye, both upper and lower lhs jaws, lhs ear, watering of t5he lhs eye and nasal congestion to the same side. The events lasted 20 - 30 minutes in general, are currently between 2 - 4 events per week, varying in severity from 7/10 to 9/10 and getting worse. Currently I am on verapmil daily, have been prescribed predisnolone, and the latest prescription for lithium (as yet untried). MRI etc, have shown nothing, about to see a second Neurologist (I didn't have any faith in the 1st one), my own doctor currently treats two other sufferers.
I do not know if I have restless leg syndrome as asked below, but my doctor tells me that the lithium medication is often used for this.

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