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I have suffered cluster headaches for about 7 years I think my trigger is stress I am married and have 3 children I live a very comfortable life and have great friends. My family are very supportive when I have my bouts of headaches, for me they last 3 months and I get them twice a year so 6 months of the year is in pain. I can handle them for about 8 weeks then from then on I am not a very nice person to live with I am short tempered and can't handle the pain. I have tried all the medications on the website and I have worked as a pharmacy assistant for 13 years so I feel like have tried every avenue I have seen 2 head specialist and I don't like to take to many pain medications I have started to get my headaches again 2 days ago and I don't feel like I can cope with it again. Don't get me wrong I am not going to do anything silly it's just u feel like ahhh not again. I have done the oxygen and I have tried Botox which I think I will try again. I don't know do I go back to a head specialist again. my husband is such a good man I think he knows more about this then me he was the one who suggested I join this site.

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