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Location: Melbourne 
DOB: Thursday, 23rd May, 1974
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Status: Not currently suffering :D
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I have suffered CH for 25 years.
I haven't to date found any medical treatment give me much relief, if any at all.
I have just suffered alone, but I have also managed to get by.
I am "not currently suffering" at the moment, luckily enough. My last bout lasted 4 months and ended during October 2014.
My clusters usually come 4 or 5 times a night every night for the duration of the cycle and I've definitely considered necking myself during those desperate moments at the peak of an attack.
Obviously during a cycle I cannot drink alcohol, exercise, take naps or lay down at all and every night is a constant battle causing much dread and angst. My cycles are definitely getting worse and the attacks more intense as I get older, however, I am thankful I am episodic and not a chronic sufferer. Hats off to anyone surviving Chronic CH's.
My CH's have pretty much always been a deal breaker as far as relationships go until now. But my new boyfriend is so supportive that he has encouraged me to seek support even at the moment, while I am "not currently suffering."
So here I am.

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