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Here in Melbourne till the end of May. Head banging at the moment. Want to pop eye out. Always thought I had migraines but this sounds more like it. When I was diagnosed I went to consultant to rule out brain tumour. My mother suffered from same headaches and she ended up with tumour.. Will have to see doctor here as I have no tablets left. Before the Triptan drugs came on the market I would suffer for three days and then it would go. Had morphine once but never again made me feel worse. Naramig then maxalt wafers because they worked quicker. I have moved house and my new surgery uses sumatriptan which works for 7 hrs and then it comes back with a vengeance. I was socialising on Friday and had wine so this is probably the culprit. This is 2nd attack since I arrived here on 17 th Jan. Hate taking sumatriptan as it makes me feel like awful but it's better than pain behind my eye which I want to gouge out at the moment.

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