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Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs 
DOB: Sunday, 31st March, 1946
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Retired due to health problems ( ranging from prostate cancer , sleep apnea , breathing dissorders etc. -- until 10 years ago I started suffering headaches as well as everything else. These have progressed to the stage where I undertook specialist help (?) ____ after 6 or 7 Doctors / Specialists , I ended in the Alfred Hospital several times where I underwent Lignocane infusions ( 3 times) ,,,, each time some limited relief for a week or two at the most --- BUT the BONUS to my last stay at the Alfred Hospital my cluster headache was given a name--AUTONOMIC CEPHALGIAS . Mainly due to the severity of the headaches , their location and the physical " distortions " of my face when the headaches are very bad ---- along with tearing up ,runny nose -etc, as can be seen this condition has taken over my very being to the point where I am mostly house-bound , ( P.S. forgot to mention I lost my sight in my left eye due to a clot or my diabetic condition ? )--- my hobbies are my grandkids , painting and photography.

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