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Im an episodic cluster sufferer! My first cluster cycle began in 2007, they usually strike late Feb early March, and late Sept early October every year, which continued until May 2014.. Ive tried all the usual medications over the yrs, a double daily dosage of Deseril was a success one yr in stopping a cycle but it then became unavailable. I became desperate during a very nasty cycle which had spanned 8 weeks, after plenty of research from other cluster sites, and literature, i did something i thought id never ever do. I became cluster free from May 2014 after taking small doses of fleshy fruiting bodies of fungi (powder) 5 days apart. Any literature you read on the topic is true in the treatment of cluster headaches, i don't condone it, but as everyone knows here, desperate times call for desperate measures.
I thought the DEMON had finally left me for good! Life was great again!

Dec 2015, the DEMON returned with vengence! After 4 weeks of this current cycle, i tried it again, it slowed things dramatically, at 5 weeks again, and now the cycle has stopped! Im only writing this as we all know the terrible savage suffering that we endure, it may help some and not others! I hope i've not offended anyone by writing this,

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