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Location: Sunshine coast 
DOB: Saturday, 8th October, 1988
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My names grant I'm soon to be 28 and been a CH sufferer since the age of 17, I was only diagnosed a year ago so have only been on correct meds since then. Before that I use to sit and scream in pain for days, months and years, would take Panadol by the packet everyday and started to get medication over use headaches which made my clusters one hell of a trip. I now take 240mg verapamil, 75mg lyrica and 30mg mirtazapine as I also suffer with social anxiety disorder and heavy depression. I take them all together at night everyday and 1 lyrica in the mornings, I also have 50mg imigran for when they start which has been my lifesaver and have stopped my urges to commit suicide as they were strong. I can't work or live a normal life from the fear of the CH's as I find the the tablets not helpful when I'm out the house which is strange to say but happens to me, I know there will never be a cure or have my question answered to why I have this condition, I just want someone to read my story that feels what I feel everyday an can say I understand you, I feel your pain and offer helpful tips on living a life without the fear. I watch YouTube videos of people showing there pain, one guy says the beast is coming to visit me again which made me cry coz I can 100% relate myself to him and the beast.

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