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Location: Sydney, Australia 
DOB: Friday, 1st January, 1965
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Cluster headaches first started November 2015.
Intensity is about a 5-6 out of 10.
One GP thinks it may be linked to hormones during menopause (with apologies to Daniel Radcliffe for any inference).
No significant correlation to moon phases or equinoxes.
Always left side of face but had one on right side once (I like a bit of variety).
I have them every one to four weeks.
Each lasts three days (once to twice per day).
Ibuprofen does nothing.
One Sumatriptan (tiny vaso-dilating tablets available on prescription) every 12 hours works well enough to ease the pain so I can function but it takes one hour to work (may be less for others).
A cold pack helps.
Sleep helps even more.
Have to sleep on opposite side to affected area (i.e. on right side if pain is on left side) as heating up the affected area increases the pain and inhibits sleep.
Avoiding bright light helps so I wear sunglasses around the house and while watching television.
Have not tried oxygen therapy yet.
I have had about 3-4 migraines (all in my adult life) but none for many years.
Keep a headache diary to placate the medicos.

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