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DOB: Monday, 18th August, 1969
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I am from Italy, but I have been living in Australia for 28 months.

I have been suffering of headache from when I was a child, but when I was a teenager something different happened. I started to suffer of sudden strong attacks of terrible headache.

I tried several medications for years, but they were unsuccessful.
I thought I had a brain cancer, and I prayed to die as soon as possible.
I used to feel better for weeks, or months, then suddenly the headache came back and for hours, and days came and disappeared.

Around ten years ago, I had a very long and terrible period with the attacks, and my mother called the hospital several times. They injected a very strong analgesic called Lixidol (Ketorolac tromethamine), but even that worked properly, and in two hours the attack started again.
However, the next doctors, who came from the hospital to my home, recognized my condition as Cluster Headache, and address me to the Centre of Pain Control and Palliative Medicine to confirm the diagnosis.

Thanks God, they prescribe to me a medication, which is almotriptan, that is working well for me if I take it at the beginning of the attack. Unfortunately, it sometimes take longer to work, or I need to take two tablets in a day, because the attack come back. The headache is usually behind my left or my right eye, It seems to me to go around with a knife transfixed in my eye and head.

My concern is that I cannot find the almotriptan in Australia.
If I think that if I cannot have this, I prefer to die.
During the attacks I have terrible thoughts: I hope that my husband had a gun and I could ask him to shoot me. Other times, I imagine that if I were in a war, at least, I could run outside under the enemy fire, and finally find relief.

My social life has been affected of this condition. I do not drink to a daily base, just occasionally when I go out with friends, I would enjoy to have a beer, or a glass of wine. Unfortunately, it is a hard choice, thinking that it may be fatal for my next hours.

While, I am writing these lines, I am crying because I know that my condition is not going to change.

Thank you for your website. I feel like I am not alone.

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