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She May
Location: Mitcham SA 
DOB: Monday, 9th December, 1968
Site: Not Entered
Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  13th September, 2016
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I thought I was going crazy. Surely I am not having another headache and that for some reason my usually high pain threshold had disappeared. I cannot think, I am exhausted. I feel unfit and listless. I feel the opposite of how I usually feel. I have been scribbling headaches and my own pain scale on note pads. I stumbled across this site and saw a rating scale almost identical to mine. Over the last 7 weeks I have had between 2 and 5 major (6+) headaches most days as well as the back ground overlaying headaches from tension and tiredness. I was only diagnosed with chronic cluster headaches recently and I am desperate to find any and everything to diminish if not dispel the pain. There is hope she may actually make it back to the land of living normal...

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