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I'm 33years of age. Female. I started to get cluster headaches in my early 20's. they would occur at night soon after I went to bed. Pain would last no longer then half hour.. Each year beginning or towards the end of year I have bouts of cluster headaches that can go on for upto 3months. I now not only suffer during the night I also get them during the day. The pain is always on my left side of head/eye. My temple swells, eye waters & the pain in excruciating. I have at times had vomiting & nose bleeds from the pressure of these headaches. Last year I also experienced having small fits. Left side of my body would tense & start to spasm & shake. I had no control really when it occurred. My body is exhausted from fighting the pain of these headaches. I have been on numerous medication to say the least..

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