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Location: Fremantle 
DOB: Monday, 15th September, 1958
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Status: Not currently suffering :D
Joined:  23rd March, 2017
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CH for over 25 yrs, Been thru all the normal issues with incorrect diagnosis. Migraine, sinus etc.
Teeth pulled and jaw operated on. Tried all different medication.
Finally diagnosed over 10 years ago as a CH sufferer. Tried different drugs again and have basically relied on oxygen and coffee for the last 7 years.

Cluster attacks every year for 3 months, triggered by excessive heat. Attacks per day between 3-12,

At last 6 weeks ago I found Batch's D3 regime and have been cluster free for 4 weeks. No shadows etc. I was 6 weeks into my 3 month cluster period. For the first time after 30 yrs of CH I was not coping. Just had enough, D3 saved me.

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