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I almost wept today when my doctor told me he thought I was suffering from cluster headaches. Have we got a diagnosis?? At last?!! I can't wait for tomorrow morning to take the prednisone.
I've been suffering migraine like headaches for years. In my 20's I was taking the contraceptive pill and I suffered. Computers were a new thing and with them came the headaches. Wasn't it obvious? After two pregnancies (no pill), leaving office work (no stress/white light/computers) and leaving the big city ( asthma improved too) the headaches subsided. But after my second child I went back onto the pill, The headaches returned almost immediately and with a vengeance. So it was the contraceptive pill, surely.
Once again, the headaches eased off, but when I got a migraine, it was for extended periods and the usual painkillers soon became ineffective. By now, I had three littlies, a business to run and a stressful relationship. I had reason to have stress headaches that lasted for days and no time to worry about them. I also had to deal with stress-related asthma attacks that required steroids to get me back on track. So I battled on.
Fast forward to today's doctor's appointment. I told my doctor of the severe migraine that had been going for the last three days... but this time I mentioned the pain was always behind my left eye and temple, the endless nose blowing was always my left nostril and the constant sinus pain I had finally realised accompanied these headaches. I swear I saw the lightbulb go off in his head.

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