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Location: Regional NSW 
DOB: Friday, 15th December, 1967
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Started in 2010. Chronic C.H, at age 42, had to stop working full time due to average of 3-4 days of regular attacks lasting from 10 minutes in 5 to 10 episodes in a day, to 2 or 3 hours, 3 weeks of a month to 5 weeks, then nothing for a week or two, repeat. Not exactly a reliable employee with that going on. Not a reliable human. I have a belief that 99% of success is showing up on time. After many GP's, neuro's, etc, with all the standard treatments not working, or making it worse (didn't think that possible before), found GP who 1) went out and found some meds not often mentioned in med lit, like using Lignocaine spray intra-nasal, which reduces pain some what, if I am not shaking so much I spray it in my eye or something (tip: don't do that) , and some other things I will share later. Finally found neuro in another city who knew what to try, and having some success in reducing frequency, I can safely say (I think) after 5 months - 75% reduction, depending on what metric is used. Still get them, and if asleep at the time of onset, that day and maybe the following one is misery, but frequency is definitely reduced. Side effects of meds not nice, but a doddle c.f with walking around my room, steak knife in right temple, and all the rest of it.

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