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Location: ACT 
DOB: Friday, 5th June, 1959
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Status: Currently suffering :(
Joined:  24th November, 2017
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Suffer from both Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster headaches. Have had two operations for TN first at 32 second at 50. Started suffering TN again last year. Had weeping eye and pain - GP referred to Neurologist who thought they were migraines. GP disagreed and sent me back with diagnosis of cluster headaches, Neurologist agreed with both CH and TN. Put on Prednisone and Verapimil. Reacted to prednisone so reduce dose to half. Still on Verapamil. Was then prescribed Lyrica for both TN and CH. Lyrica Dose too high and reacted badly so took myself off both Lyrica and Prednisone (Neurologist on 4 weeks leave). GP has advised ok but must see N when he returns (already had appt). Still taking Verapamil.

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