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Location: Australind, Bunbury ( 2 hrs south of Perth ) 
DOB: Saturday, 3rd September, 1983
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Status: Currently suffering :(
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I'm 34
I had my first "cluster Headache" the day my son turned 1 ( he's almost 9 now ) it was the most scariest and painful experience I ever had.
At first they thought I had suffered a stroke as the symptoms and side effects last well over 2 weeks which I was hospitalised for 3 weeks. I had complete left side paralysis, slurred speach and had to learn how to function my left side again. I was very lucky that the side affects were not permanent. My second was serious episode was almost a yr to the date later. I had complete left side Facial droop amount a few other symptoms. Hospitalised for 5 days. My 3rd serious attack was about 6 months after that. With the same symptoms as attacked 1 and 2.
So many tests so many Drs finally I was diagnosed with having CH. I haven't had one in a long time until 2 days ago. OMG debilitating, suffering a little today. Being a single mom with 3 kids and suffering from CH is so dam hard! When I suffer so do my kids.
People don't understand the PAIN. It's horrendous! I hate it !!!!

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