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Location: Melbourne  
DOB: Saturday, 15th January, 1949
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Status: Not currently suffering :D
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69 y/o retired paramedic. Divorced. Active gardener & woodworking hobbyist.
CH has ruled my life since my 1st attack. I well remember that first episode, thinking I was about to die. My wife drove me to hospital, where I was given 2 Panadol and berated by the Charge Nurse for wasting the time of the Emergency staff. Unfortunately, that was not the only occasion where lack of knowledge resulted in a bad outcome.
My eldest son is also afflicted with CH, and his symptoms have mirrored mine.
2006 was my last episode, and I thought I was over the misery. Last Saturday 13/01/2018, I was woken by the familiar excruciating assault on my sanity. Here I go again......

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