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X-Cluster Headache / Suicide Headache sufferer, I suffered close to 10 years fighting the beast. I've been pain free over 20 years now. I thought I created this process on my own and I had a hard time explaining how I healed myself. It worked for me, and I pray it may put the beast to rest for you. It's widely known or called Bio-Feedback. Here are some related articles. Please do a deep dive, I truly thank GOD everyday.

"How does biofeedback help migraine headaches?

Nearly all people with migraine headaches have less near-surface blood flow to the fingers and toes (and sometimes noses) than those who do not have migraine headaches. These people tend to have relatively cool extremities because all of their heat emanating from the fingers and toes is generated by near-surface blood flow. Biofeedback devices can accurately record the temperature of the fingers (or any other body part) and show the temperature to patients so they can learn to recognize and then control finger temperature and maintain normal levels.

People who can learn this skill and maintain normal levels of fingertip temperature do not get migraine headaches as often or as severely as previously. Many entirely eliminate their headaches. Most also significantly decrease or eliminate their need for migraine medications."

Found here:

Most people with migraines will go to just about any length to get rid of the debilitating pain. From sticking needles in our faces to ancient remedies, when you’re desperate for relief you’ll try just about anything. Yet if you haven’t gone to a headache clinic, you might not know about one drug-free treatment with strong evidence for effectiveness: biofeedback.

Integrating non-conventional medical practices, like biofeedback, into your current migraine treatment plan can bring you further relief. In the last decade biofeedback has gained popularity, because it is effective with no risk of adverse side effects. It does have its skeptics, but scientific research shows that biofeedback is effective in decreasing the severity, duration, and even the frequency of migraines."

Found here:

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