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Location: Perth 
DOB: Saturday, 30th October, 1971
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i have been suffering from cluster headaches since 2008. I originally got them annually around June and bout would last three weeks. I now get them every two years around the same time and bouts last around the same period. I was a smoker for over 20 years. I gave up on 22 April 2019 and have not had a cigarette since. For a number of years now I have just taken Imigran 20mg nasal spray which helps manage when they come on. I tried verapamil 240 for for two years but did not change anything. I am currently working in Malaysia and working with a local doctor here to help with Preventative Therapies. One we have tried which is working fairly well is Caffox. We are also now going to try 3 x 5mg prednisone tablets in the morning followed by same in the evening with one caffox tablet in the morning. Will update in a few days on how successful or not this was. I am trying hard these days to find balance that helps prevent this horrible pain throughout the bouts

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