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Location: Sydney 
DOB: Wednesday, 25th February, 1948
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At the age of one I contracted Polio and have a lightly curved spine as a result of one leg being one inch shorter. I have also suffered from migraines since I was four years old.
In 1997 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where a bus collided into the rear of my car causing severe whiplash leaving me with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. I began to suffer from the Cluster Headaches a couple of years later. These gradually become chronic and now recur four and five times during a 24 hour period with clusters of up to two weeks with only one or two days relief in between. I have also been suffering from Tracheal Cancer for a number of years and am now a recluse much of the time and my life has become one of pain of which the Cluster Headaches are responsible for most of the pain and loss of lifestyle. I was prescribed Verapamil in small doses which did nothing but made me dizzy and constipated. At the moment I am using transdermal Magnesium, vitamin D3, B complex, extra vitamin B2. Melatonin didn't seem to make a difference. The neurologist wants me to have Cortisone injected near the occipital nerve but I'm afraid to do this and would like to try a chiropractor who also deals with Cluster Headaches. Any help would be so very much appreciated.

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