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Location: Sydney 
DOB: Tuesday, 27th May, 1986
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I suffer from various mental illnesses as a result of other life events and episodic sufferer of CH. I’m currently taking Varapamil 180SR for prevention of CH and Lithium as a mood stabiliser which can also used for prevention of CH. This has only lessened the frequency of attacks and how many attack per day, the problem being is that it normally happens around midnight in mid sleep cycle. Doctors in my current mental health clinic are too afraid to even consider oxygen therapy (which is how the final diagnosis was decided) as it worked extremely bloody well for me.
I’m stuck in a mental health clinic (suicidal) in the middle of a much larger private hospital and not one doctor will listen to me because I don’t have a degree.
The evidence is there, oxygen treatment must be added to PBS or whichever acronym it needs to be, especially now that codiene is hard to get prescribed, or it interacts with my other medications.
I’m almost at the end of my rope, so to speak.

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