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Location: Riverina 
DOB: Monday, 7th September, 1964
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I am 55 and have been suffering episodic attacks since 1987. I am fortunate enough to suffer only once a year for about 10 to 12 weeks and then go into remission for 9 months. My clusters occur around December each year, usually within 2 to 3 weeks either side of the preceding years date. I have taken every kind of therapy available ( except oxygen ) without a great deal of success. After all these years I have developed a plan I put in place as soon as I feel it coming on and then just ride it out. I actually didn't get a cluster last year. First time in 30 + years. I don't know what made the difference. I have ideas and would love to get in touch with other sufferers and talk about some theorys. I've been looking for a club like this for a while now. Thanks heaps.

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