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Location: Northern Beaches  
DOB: Thursday, 1st May, 1969
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Joined:  26th February, 2021
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Hi there ,I was a member here for many years as I have suffered from clusters for 24yrs, they started at 28yrs (1997) and now I'm 52yrs. At the beginning doctors didn't even know what it was or how to treat it, things like endep, caffergot but I was taking so many they were worried about gangrene. Finally met a Numerologist Dr Nogajski who confirmed I had Cluster Headaches,that was about age 34yrs.I have episodic clusters with 3-6 attacks a day some 30mis some over 3hrs,the bouts usually last 4-8 weeks generally in summer, one particular year they went for 4 months. I was on Verapamil for many years and taking unthinkable amounts of sumatriptan so much that I was begging the government to give me more. To cut a long agonising, exhausting, horrible, excruciating painful life at 47yrs a doctor suggested prednisone in high amounts for a long period of time (2 months) it seemed to break the bout in was in. Then I would do the same each time a cluster bout would rise it's ugly head. Now from doing this I was pain free for 5yrs, until now 2021, so I have started the high dose prednisone again I've had a few attacks but nothing like years before and it seems to be doing the job again.

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