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Location: Dalby,QLD,4405 
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I have had Clusters since my early 20's. About 6 years ago I had an aneurism in the brain, the neurosurgeon in South Africa then diagnosed me as a Cluster sufferer. I have had two surgical procedures called a Risotomy, which is when they basically numb / burn the nerves that “activates” or sends the messages for the clusters to the brain. I was told that to have the best success for the prevention of a cluster, I will have to have at least 5-6 procedures of the Risotomy. I normally only get clusters once a year, usually during the change of season. This time it is extremely painful. I usually only get it at night, once I have finished work, but the last couple of days I have even had it during the day, lasting for quite an extensive period of time.

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