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DOB: Saturday, 1st February, 1947
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After all this time thought about time I came clean and told you about me. Retired living in small just off the coast country town in South Australia. Husband, dog and cat living in 1870's mining cottage so lot of maintenance which I leave to husband. Have just bought SH motor home and now plan to move around despite CHs. Had a tough year in 2010 when moved from acute to chronic with extended periods in hospital working at stopping the pain. My most successful treatment to date has been IV infusions of Lignocaine over several days. Have been on high doses of Topamax in an attempt to break the chronic cycle but to no avail. Now tapering off, and trialling Botox at considerable $ cost to self. Have found this site to be my life line--as a moderator offering nothing more than just a bit of morale support has helped me to remain sane. Have decided that have to live with this illness and cope with as best I can--sometimes harder than others; but I refuse to let it get the better of me.

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