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Location: Melbourne 
DOB: Wednesday, 16th August, 1972
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They all started when I was about about 12... 1984. For years the doctors thought they were migraines until I turned over my headache diary to my GP back in Canada in 2004. Finally I had an explanation as to what I was actually suffering from.

I am a chronic CH sufferer - 26 years of pain with no more that 3 months of remission at any one time. They used to come like clockwork - it was only the severity of the attacks that differed, until about a year ago. Now my CH's swap sides, left to right, they use to come in the early morning and late at night, but now they hit any time of the day... more often they are coming at 8am to 1pm, then start again in mid afternoon and early evening.

I wish you all good health and no pain.

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