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hi im 43 got diagnosed with cluster headaches 13 years ago, its the most horrible thing you can go thru.My clusters when i get a bout ,last anywhere from 1 month to 4 months with around 2-6 attacks a day lasting from half an hour with some to 3 hours.Most of them go for half an hour to an hour real bad ones go for the 3.Its always on my left side of my head, the most intense stabbing like pain behind my eye and around temple ,my eye waters my nose runs and i cant keep still.At first i took cafergot but i was having so many my wife got really worried about side effects, ive tried sandomigrain as a preventative didnt do anything.By reading about Cluster Headachs on the net i ended up telling doctors what i should be taking.So now for a preventative i take verapamil every day and imagran nasel spray or tablet when one hits, when i feel one coming on nothing really works it just comes and stops when it wants ,oh prednisolone helps if you take a weeks course at the begining of your bout, only sometimes not always, hopefully one day they might go away.Im constantly worried when the next bout is going to hit me generally around christmas for me thanks for listening.adam

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