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Location: Sydney 
DOB: Tuesday, 6th February, 1973
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I am a 37 year old female - diagnosed with CH by Dr Brimage in Sydney in 1997. I suffered my first attack in 1994 (so 21 yrs old). During my 20's I had attacks frequently - lasting for from 7 to 14 days and sometimes with only a fortnight between attacks. In my 30's, I have been blessed with attacks only every 18 months to two years. Having an attack now!!!! I am an accountant and have spent 17 years in front of a computer - I have a dickie neck which I link with clusters - if neck bad, a cluster will lurck and most times eventuate. I found asprin, oxygen (by sticking my head out of the window) and HOT showers all by myself before being diagnosed. Have a hot shower while suffering and tolerate the warmest water that you can on that left side of your face.

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