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Hi Im 46yrs old have lived with bad headaches for the past 7yrs all this time i've been treated with all different sorts of medications to no avail pain getting worse and worse as time went by. I have recently separated from my partner of 5yrs due to the fact that i had become intolerable to live with, she couldnt do anything to help me with the pain therefore i blamed her of everything that went wrong in my life, telling her she didnt care that she didnt try to help me etc etc i accused her of things which i know now was totally wrong of me to do, since being diagnosed with Cluster Headaches/Suicide Headaches i've learnt that at least Im not the only person to do this, i beleive it has also helped me to understand what is wrong with me taking away that fear factor that i had brain tumor or god knows what cause the pain is so unberable that you dont know what could be wrong, all that putting pressure and making act like a total ass.
After my separation i had to move back to my mums place, yes very degrading a man of 46yrs old having to move back with mum, but to be honest I had no where else to go to, that would try and understand and put up with my pain......after a few days of being back, a friend, persistance found a Chiropractor that within 5mnts said to me that I was suffering what its called Suicie Headaches/cluster headaches he worked his magic and told me to stop taking all this diff medication i was on and booked me in to see a Dr Watson at Sunnybank, Dr Watson said that he would start by traying diff medicine see what would work and I am happy to say that since I've been to see him 2 weeks ago i have only had 3 headaches so thats magic compared to the 15 a day i was getting!!
Im still seeing Chiropractor and have to go and see Dr Watson this Monday again, I am aware there is no cure for this but at least i've seen light at the end of the tunnel to have gone from 15 headaches a day , traumatising headaches that in several occasions i considered ending my life cause the pain was too much.
I have lost the woman i love, have seen the worried look on my childrens face and few freinds cause i lost most of them also due to mood swings and lack of social skills cause of pain.... I have learned to manage the pain and i beleive that simply knowing the fact that its not some terminal decease if treated, i might be able to get back to a normal life, well as normal as the headaches will allow me but i know now why it happens and what happens, i also beleive that should the doctors treated me with that to start with instead of treating me like I was some kind of junky things would not got this bad.
I now want to try and win my partner back and catch up the last 7 years of agony.

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