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Oxygen Suppliers

High Flow Oxygen

At high concentrations, oxygen constricts blood vessels in the head and this may be why it works in cluster headache. Oxygen can only be supplied on a doctor’s prescription and you need to buy the equipment yourself. The cylinders are rented, however.

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BOC Gases

(08) 8984 3811
Winnellie Rd
Winnellie 0820 Northern Territory

member comment:
I've had an account with BOC for many years now - 5 years in the Territory. The staff behind the desk know me ....I get a large C or E size canister for home and then also a small portable canister to take to work. The regulator can be an issue, they don't always have them in stock - consider purchasing your own.

Supagas Pty Ltd

0404 626 455
54 Dawson St
East Arm Berrimah Northern Territory

member comment:
Supagas have free delivery & can supply you with high flow regulators & non rebreather masks. Please call direct through to the Medical Sales Rep Kay, 0404 626 455