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Oxygen Suppliers

High Flow Oxygen

At high concentrations, oxygen constricts blood vessels in the head and this may be why it works in cluster headache. Oxygen can only be supplied on a doctor’s prescription and you need to buy the equipment yourself. The cylinders are rented, however.

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Aeris Medical - Division of Supagas

(03) 9555 1744
130 Herald Street
Cheltenham Victoria

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'D' cylinder size: $41.00 + $11.00 rent per month. They also have FREE delivery for Vic & Tas. Kay is awesome to deal with, and knows all about Cluster Headaches. SDhe is a member of this site too. Kay is very understanding and quick to organise delivery and will definitely look after you. We can't reccommend her enough!



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International company. Get a letter from you Dr, open an account through OxyCare 1800050999 for the regulators and head to your local Gas'n Gear..


Ph: 03 9555 1744
130 Herald Street, Cheltenham, VIC 3192
Melbournw Victoria

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The crew are incredibly supportive and Kay T(Sales Rep) is just the best. Her phone number is listed on the website under O2. Hope it helps. Kurosaki

Tom Cullen


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Agent for the INOGEN ONE : Portable Oxygen Concentrator Devices

Independent Living Specialists / Oxygen Solutions

1300 160 512

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They supply oxygen concentrators and cylinder oxygen to patients in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. they're also the authorised service agents for Inogen in Australia. Theyhave 5 showrooms in Sydney.

Oxygen Solutions

1300 558 947
Various - see their website
Melbourne Victoria

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