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Total Members: 2976

Smokers: 1013 34.04%
Drinkers: 2147 72.14%
RLS Sufferers: 501 16.83%    (6.83 - 11.83 % higher than general pop.)
Male sufferers: 1991 66.90%
Female sufferers: 967 32.49%
Non sufferer members: 66  

I include the RLS question in the signup because there is a theory the two might be connected.

Surveys in Western countries have shown the prevalence of RLS symptoms range from 5% to 10% of the adult population. So if there is a significantly higher percentage of Clusterheads that also get RLS then there may be a connection.


Members: Where are we?

Most of us have never met someone else who suffers Cluster Headaches, but there may be someone in your street who knows what you go through first hand! So this page will hopefully create a 'cluster map' of Australia!

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Curently there are 2976 members.

Queensland: 909
New South Wales: 755
Australian Capital Territory:     21
Victoria: 553
Tasmania: 59
South Australia: 182
Western Australia: 266
Northern Territory: 39
Non Australians: 192